Luca Christen

Software Engineer

About Me

I am a passionate software engineer that started his career working in the financial industry. Soon after, I joined R&D teams of different start-ups which gave me the opportunity to work closely with hardware and manage IT infrastructure.

Currently, I am developing cloud-based software solutions for various clients and projects with modern Java and React using agile project methodologies. I enjoy working as a full-stack developer and to constantly challenge myself.


Senior Software Engineer
aity AG (subsidiary of Berner Kantonalbank)
11/2022 - Present
As a full-stack developer, I extended a multi-tenant consultant portal SPA and assisted in the creation of a new B2C digital process portal. I implemented various GraphQL endpoints in a Java-based frontend aggregation layer, which I then consumed in the project's React and NextJS frontends. A significant part of my contributions was the creation of a GraphQL proxy service capable of analyzing, modifying, and forwarding GraphQL queries to another service. In addition, I provided guidance on front-end and back-end development best practices and assisted in the setup of new services.

Java / Java EE / React / NextJS / JavaScript / TypeScript / GraphQL

Senior Software Engineer
09/2022 - Present
As co-owner of KEON, I'm working on client acquisition, the company website and internal projects. Additionally, we build websites for different clients.

JavaScript / TypeScript / React / Gatsby / HTML / CSS

Software Engineer
SWICA Krankenversicherung AG (through 3ap AG)
04/2022 - 08/2022
For the health insurance company SWICA, we upgraded their premium calculator to offer a fresh user experience. I created components following the Atomic Design Methodology, set up the initial Vuex store and focused on modeling the frontend representation of their product offering. To host their new and old calculator in the same environment, I added support for subroutes with NuxtJS, Caddy and Docker. Additionally, we provided maintenance and support for their backend solution where I extended existing API endpoints and performed deployments.

Vue.js / TypeScript / JavaScript / NuxtJS / Java / Spring Boot / Micronaut / MariaDB / MongoDB / Docker / Caddy

Software Engineer
Sage Switzerland AG (through 3ap AG)
08/2021 - 03/2022
Sage Switzerland AG offers accounting solutions tailored to the Swiss market. While managing an off-shore team of 3 Serbian developers, I migrated their old reporting solution from C++ to C# and implemented a modern REST API for their accounting software.

C# / .NET / .NET Core / ASP.NET / MS SQL

Software Engineer
Yapeal AG (through 3ap AG)
10/2020 - 06/2021
Yapeal is a Swiss FinTech startup. Using an API-first approach, I designed and implemented REST APIs for their eBill and Wise offering. Additionally, I extended their API gateway to support SOAP endpoints and mTLS. I also implemented various new views and components for their internal cockpit application.

OpenAPI / Node.js / Postgres / JSONata / TypeScript / JavaScript / Vue.js / Docker / GCP

Software Engineer
3ap AG
08/2020 - 10/2020
3ap AG builds modern cloud-native applications for various clients. I supported them in maintaining and extending their internal administrative platform. I extended the time-off syncing for employees from BambooHR and Harvest and fixed various bugs and performance issues of their platform.

React / TypeScript / JavaScript / Java / Spring Boot / RabbitMQ / MongoDB / Docker / GCP

Software Engineer
Exaddon AG
01/2019 - 07/2020
70% - 100%
Exaddon AG is a spin-off from Cytosurge AG and produces additive micromanufacturing solutions. I set up their IT infrastructure, managed it and led the software development. I transformed the existing printing workflow from a proof of concept to a viable tool for clients by adding support for multiple print files, more dynamic workflows and data visualization. Additionally, I taught the R&D team how to use Git for their MATLAB application and how to use MkDocs for documentation.

C# / .NET / WPF / Postgres / Azure DevOps / Microsoft 365 / Odoo

Software Engineer
Cytosurge AG
02/2017 - 12/2018
Cytosurge AG develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art nanotechnology solutions used in a wide range of applications in life sciences. I supported the R&D team in extending desktop applications to control their FluidFM and pressure controller systems by adding new workflows. Furthermore, I created a single page application with plain JavaScript, HTML and CSS to control their pressure controller systems and visualize the pressure curve.

C# / .NET / WPF / Postgres / JavaScript / HTML / CSS

Junior Software Engineer
Zürcher Kantonalbank
08/2014 - 01/2017
80% - 100%
After my apprenticeship, I stayed with Zürcher Kantonalbank and developed .NET applications for the trading department with a focus on risk management. I implemented new regulations required for the risk management, optimized database access and set up the CI pipeline. I also implemented new views and workflows for their CRM.

C# / .NET / WinForms / MS SQL / TFS / Microsoft Dynamics CRM